Accommodation and Homestay

Mount Hutt College homestay accommodation provides a safe physical and emotional environment which includes a warm, comfortable furnished single room with study facilities, three meals a day(breakfast, lunch, dinner) and laundry. Homestay placements are arranged by our International Assistant Ms Caron Chandler.

Your homestay family will  treat  you as a member of their own family. They will set reasonable house rules and routines for your guidance. They will you to participate in the family’s activities and events (eg chores, sports, family trips). Your “kiwi” family will help you with your life in New Zealand and they will enjoy finding out about you and your culture as well..

The Mount Hutt College International Assistant  has an office in the International Student Centre and is available to talk with you and to help you with any problems or questions you have. She will help to make sure that you are happy in your homestay.


Mayu (from Japan) with her homestay family Term 1 2017.


Shun (from Japan) and his homestay family Term 1 2017.

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