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Nau mai, haere mai – Welcome to the Mount Hutt College Careers Department.

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Specialist Career staff

Miss Naomi Waghorn – Careers Advisor

E:  P: 302 8437 ext 712

Mrs Alison Esler - Gateway Co-ordinator

E: P: 302 8437 ext 712

Senior Leadership Team  Careers responsibility Mrs Kris Canham

The Careers Team at Mount Hutt College includes all of our staff.  Careers education programs are delivered by teaching staff in Years 7-8, Year 9 and Year 10. Our specialist careers staff work closely with Deans and Form Teachers at all levels. Particularly for senior (Years 11-13) students we provide a range of career education events and opportunities which assist students in exploring possibilities for their future.

Through Career Central students can browse, research and store jobs or further study options. Students from Year 9 to 13 are able to set personal, educational and career goals. Career Central allows students to create a CV, explore opportunities, events and resources relating to numerous career pathways.

The Careers Team can offer information, knowledge and guidance on:

Subject selection                                        Apprenticeships

Universities                                                Job Vacancies

Polytechnics                                               Gap Years

Private Training Institutions                  The Defence Force

Tasters and STAR courses


The Careers Room is located in B block and is open first and second lunch, Monday – Thursday.  Please feel free to pop in or email Miss Waghorn for an appointment.

Come and discover all the amazing opportunities available to you once you leave school.


Tertiary Dates (including scholarships)

Job Vacancies

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Youth Guarantee

CV Template

Career New Zealand.  A wide variety of useful information, tools and resources including quizzes, CV builder and job databases.

  •                   Career Quest – find a job suggestion based on YOUR interests.

  •                   Skill Matcher – find job suggestions that match YOUR skills.

  •                   Subject Matcher – find job suggestions that match the subjects you enjoy.

Fees Free Information

Real Me – you need a Real Me Verified Identity to apply for a student loan/allowance.

StudyLink – for student loan and allowance information.

School leaver  - information on study, work, training, apprenticeships, money, gap years, careers and more.

Just the Job – showcases 300+ jobs in a range of industries to give you ideas.

Occupational Outlook – information on labour supply and demand and jobs.

Got a Trade – find out about how to get a trade.

Pondr – search courses at a range of tertiary providers in New Zealand.