Our People


Senior Leadership Team

Principal: Mr Jack Saxon (SA),  ext 703 (Principal’s Secretary) — principal@mthutt.school.nz

Deputy Principal: Mrs Kristine Canham (CA), ext 717 , – canhamk@mthutt.school.nz

Deputy Principal: Mr Kaylib Gorrie (GO), ext 702 — gorriek@mthutt.school.nz




Year 7 Dean: Mrs Rana Staples (RI), ext 831 — staplesr@mthutt.school.nz

Year 8 Dean: Mrs Jessica McConnell (MO), ext 827 – mcconnellj@mthutt.school.nz

Year 9 Dean: Ms Sarah Parker (PA), ext 834 — parkers@mthutt.school.nz

Year 10 Dean: Mr Jarrod Coutts (CO), ext 701  – couttsj@mthutt.school.nz

Year 11 Dean: Mrs Karin Lill (LL), ext 815 — lillk@mthutt.school.nz

Year 12 Dean: Ms Lisa Ponweiser (PW), ext 823 — ponweiserl@mthutt.school.nz

Year 13 Dean: Mrs Fiona Jessep (JS), ext 830  - jessepf@mthutt.school.nz


Heads of Learning

Head of Faculty Arts: Ms Lisa Ponweiser (PW) — ponweiserl@mthutt.school.nz

Head of Faculty English: Mrs Carolyn Fordyce (FD ) — fordycec@mthutt.school.nz

Head of Faculty Heath and Physical Eduction: Mr Jarrod Coutts (CO) — roderickj@mthutt.school.nz

Head of Faculty Mathematics: Mrs Jackie Brown – brownj@mthutt.school.nz

Head of Faculty Science: Mrs Sidinei Teixeira (TE) — teixeiras@mthutt.school.nz

Head of Faculty Social Sciences: Mrs Jo Brennan (BR) — brennanj@mthutt.school.nz

Head of Faculty Technology: Ms Linda Paterson (PT) — patersonl@mthutt.school.nz  


Careers Team / Pathways

Team Leader: Mrs Kris Canham (CA) — canhamk@mthutt.school.nz

Careers Advisor: Miss Naomi Waghorn (WAG), ext 712 - careers@mthutt.school.nz

Gateway Coordinator: Mrs Alison Esler (ESL), ext 712 — gateway@mthutt.school.nz


ESOL; International Department

Mrs Jacinta Drummond, ext 720 — drummondj@mthutt.school.nz

International Assistant (Homestay and Administration): Ms Juliette Smyth ext 720 – international@mthutt.school.nz


Guidance Team

Team Leader: Mr Kaylib Gorrie (GO), ext 702 — gorriek@mthutt.school.nz

Guidance Office ext 713

Youth Mentor (Te Puawaitanga Charitable Trust): Mrs Wendy Keepa, ext 711 —  youthmentor@mthutt.school.nz


Learning Support (including Gifted and Talented)

Mrs Judith Diedricks ext 707 — diedricksj@mthutt.school.nz



Mrs Julianne McLeod (ML), ext 705 — mcleodj@mthutt.school.nz


Principal’s Nominee (NZQA, NCEA)

Mrs Kris Canham (CA)


Outdoor Education

Mr Jarrod Coutts — couttsj@mthutt.school.nz


Sports Coordinator

Miss Latoya Keepa (KEE), ext  798 — sportsco@mthutt.school.nz


Snowfed Newspaper

Editor: Ms Annie Jacobs (JAC) — letterbox@snowfed.co.nz

Snowfed Finances: Mrs Bethany Gibbs (GIB)


Support Staff

Administration Manager: Mrs Evonne Lumsden (LU), ext 703 — college@mthutt.school.nz

Financial Manager: Mrs Lynda Anderson (AN), ext 708

Administration Assistant (Reception): Mrs Cath Roderick (RK), 03 302 8437

Canteen Manager: Mrs Jannine Johnson, ext 733

Network Administration: Mrs Mary McKay (MC), ext 798

Transport – Bus Administrator (Methven Bus Group): Mrs Sally-Ann Kircher (KIR) tel: 027 243 0464— busadmin@mthutt.school.nz

Bus Transport Finances: Mrs Bethany Gibbs (GIB)

Uniform Shop Coordinator: Emily Cooke

Administration Support: Mrs Erin Redfern (RED)

Property – Property Manager: Mr Mark Burden, ext 706, cell 027 517 8343


Student Leaders

Head Boy: Sam Ree

Head Girl: Grace Bleach

Deputies: Annina Birt,  Neil Alombro





House Captains:

Blue House Leaders: Alex  Roderick and Lauren Pluck, Deputies: Charlie Brown and Alyssa McGinity

Gold House Leaders: Sam Cuttle and Sammie Mackle , Deputies: Megan Rutter and Lance Pangilinan

Green House Leaders: Tino Heripo and Kitty Bloomfield, Deputies: Adam Shears and Bree Middleton

Red House Leader: Gus Casey-Solly and Emma-Lake Hill, Deputies: Cassius Kulsen and Jessie Eaton


Board of Trustees

Chair – Richard Fitzgerald

Deputy Chair – Hamish Irwin

Trustees -  Natasha Lilley, Juanita Richards, Shane Stockdill

Principals – Jack Saxon

Staff Trustee – Jo Newport

Student Trustee – Jessica Smith

Board Secretary – Jenny Thompson

Education Review Office Report for Mount Hutt College