International students trips and activities

While you study at Mount Hutt College you can get to see and experience more of New Zealand with subject trips, extra curricular activities (such as going to sport tournaments), and also our special international student trips and activities. Some activities are seasonal activities and so are available for part of the year. Please let us know if you have a particular interest, hobby or sport you wish to participate in. Our homestay families and community have a wide range of interests that you will be able to try as well.

Most school activities take part within the school day. Many of our students travel to school on the school bus and leave to go home after school. It is usual for school students to also be involved in community activities (which will involve both school students and adult members of the community) in the evening and/or weekends.

Some trips and activities you may get to experience throughout the year



  • Outdoor Education Trips
  • Tourism Trips
  • Christchurch city
  • Regional rugby games
  • Overnight camps
Athletics 2023


  • Cross Country
  • Winter Sports
  • Snow Sports in Term 3
  • Athletics
  • Swimming
  • Joining a sports club - e.g. Football, rugby, etc.


  • Music lessons
  • Choir
  • School Production
  • Haka Wero
  • Powhiri


  • Cultural Evening
  • School Ball
  • School Dances
  • Joining a student committee

Independent Travel (travel is not with host family)

All age (both over and under 18) students must submit a detailed request for any independent travel in advance.  This will then be considered and the student will be advised if approved or not within one week.  For students under 18 years of age we permit that they can join an organised and supervised student trip by an approved operator. Otherwise for students under 18 these requests will only be approved when it involves travelling with, or to stay with, known family or friends of family who can provide the care and supervision required under the The Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.  Any approval will also take into consideration host family plans for the holiday break. With busy lives and school routines during the term many families plan to do more in the holiday break.