Senior Leadership Team

Mr Jack Saxon

Principal (ext 703)

Mrs Carolyn Fordyce (FD)

Deputy Principal (ext 702)

Mr Kaylib Gorrie (GO)

Deputy Principal (ext 717)

Mrs Jessica McConnell (MO)

Deputy Principal (ext 702)


Mrs Rana Staples (SP)

Year 7 Dean (ext 831)

Mr Kris Campbell (CP)

Year 8 Dean (ext 827)

Mrs Penny Laws (LW)

Year 9 Dean (ext 834)

Mr Todd Houston (HT)

Year 10 Dean (ext 815)

Mrs Karin Lill (LL)

Year 11 Dean (ext 815)

Ms Lisa Ponweiser (PW)

Year 12 Dean (ext 823)

Ms Jenna Chenery (CH)

Year 13 Dean (ext 830)

Ed Coles (CS)

International Dean

Heads of Faculty

Mr Jarrod Coutts (CO)

Head of Faculty Heath and Physical Education

Mr Lach Tantau (TA)

Head of Faculty Mathematics

Mrs Jo Brennan (BR)

Head of Faculty Social Sciences

Mrs Karin Lill (LL)

Head of Faculty Science

Ms Jenna Chenery (CH)

Head of Faculty English

Ms Linda Paterson (PT)

Head of Faculty Technology

Ms Lisa Ponweiser (PW)

Head of Faculty Arts

Guidance Team

Eve Meyer (ME)

Guidance Office (ext 711)

Miss Georgia Wells (WEL)

Youth Mentor (Te Puawaitanga Charitable Trust) (ext 711)

Teaching Staff

Mrs Anna Campbell (CM)

Mr Kris Campbell (CP)

Ms Lauren Cartwright (CW)

Ms Sophie Cullen (CU)

Mr Andre Cuttle (CT)

Ms Tammy Dickson (DN)

Ms Phoebe Duncan (DU)

Ms Nicole Endacott (EN)

Ms Hannah Helem (HM)

Mrs Fiona Jessep (JS)

Ms Nicole Johnson (JN)

Mr Sam Luddy (LD)

Mrs Joanne Newport (NE)

Ms Sarah Parker (PA)

Mr Michael Prince (PR)

Mrs Kirsty Saxon (SX)

Mrs Sarah Stoddart (SD)

Mrs Minka Webb (WB)

Mrs Sharon Williams-Freeman (WF)

Miss Emily Talbot (TL)

Mr Bevan Clark (CL)

Mrs Anne McDonnell (MN)


Mr James Roderick (RO)

Head of Sport

Mrs Latoya Cooksley (CKY)

Sports Coordinator

Learning Support

Mrs Judith Diedricks (DK)

Learning Support Coordinator (LSC) (ext 707)

Teacher Aides

Mrs Carol Jones (JOC)

Ms Colleen Beatty (BEA)

Mrs Margo Campbell (CAM)

Mrs Rose Leask (LEA)

Mr Richard Norrish (NOR)

Miss Selina Wilkins (WIL)

Careers Team / Pathways

Mr Stephan Millichamp (MP)

Vocational Pathways Co-ordinator & Careers Advisor (ext 712)

Mrs Alison Esler (ESL)

Gateway Coordinator (ext 712)

Mrs Amy Honeywell

Vocational Pathways Academy Co-Ordinator

Admin Team

Mrs Catherine Roderick (RK)


Mrs Lynda Anderson (AN)

Finance & Property

Mrs Sheree Rooney (MKS)

Principal's Secretary

Support Staff

Transport – Bus Administrator (Methven Bus Group)

027 243 0464

Mrs Jenny Thompson (THO)

BOT Secretary

Mrs Emily Cooke (COO)

Uniform Shop Coordinator

Mr Tim Heaton-Caffin (HE)


Mrs Mary McKay (MC)

ICT Support

Mrs Julianne McLeod (MD)

(ext 705)

Mrs Jannine Johnson (JOS)

Cafe Manager (ext 733)

Mr Kem Johnson (JH)


Ms Annie Jacobs (JAC)

Snowfed Editor

Mrs Bethany Gibbs (GIB)

Snowfed and Bus Account Support

Mr Ole Wallis (WAS)

Homestay Coordinator

Miss Lucy Tombleson (TOM)

Snowfed Administrator

Mrs Katie Loten

Health and Safety Methven Bus Group