Ahakoa nga piki me nga heke.Whaia te iti kahurangi, me e tuohu koe,he maunga teitei.

No matter what obstacles you face ,aim for the stars, should you bow your head let it be to a lofty mountain.


Our PRIDE values are represented throughout the design. Our values of respect and integrity are encompassed in the peaks at the top. Diversity is emphasized through the use of three colours throughout the design whilst passion and striving for excellence are highlighted in the journey of our students (the manaia in the design) up our mountain as they aim for the stars.

The two manaia (figures) represent our students

climbing the maunga (mountain) to reach for the

stars. This reflects our motto ‘PerArduaadAstra’

(Through adversity to the stars)

Tahawāhine (female) represented in

manaia by her heru (headpiece)

The three pou (poles) represent kaiako (teachers), tamariki (children) and whānau (family), and iwi, hapu, marae

The two stars connect to our crest and

to our motto ‘Per Ardua ad Astra’

The three white triangles represent tika, pono and aroha (integrity, respect and compassion), the snow on our maunga, and the three kete of knowledge.

Te kete tuauri (sacred knowledge)

Te kete tuatea (ancestral knowledge)

Te kete aronui (knowledge before us)

Taha Tane (male) represented in manaia by the top knot

The awa is our river, Rakaia

Our maunga - Ōpuke Mount Hutt

This is our poutama which describes the mythical journey up a mountain to ascend to the stars and acquire the three baskets
of knowledge. This resonates with us as our learning journey up the mountain to reach for the stars in the baskets of knowledge.